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Cookie Decorating Tips!

Thank you so much for purchasing one of my decorating kits!  Cookie decorating can be so much fun to do solo or as a family tradition at the holidays!  No matter the time of year, I want your experience to be a fun one, so this page has a little advise for you.

If you are wanting more, please check out one of my Cookie Decorating Classes!

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To begin, you will need a pair of scissors and a toothpick.  Everything else is provided in your kit!

Before you cut, gently massage the icing bag to make sure the color is completely mixed in.  When cutting your icing bag remember to start small. You can always cut the hole bigger if needed. Hold your piping bag vertically with the tip facing up, and cut a small hole straight across the top.

Feb Class_Cookie_Cutter_Latte.JPG


When piping the icing onto your cookie, be generous. Too little icing will lead to a bumpy finish.

The toothpick will be helpful in fixing minor imperfections, popping air bubbles, or gently moving icing into tight corners. Hold the toothpick vertically and use small circular motions to push the icing into place.

To make sections in your cookie design, as in the coffee cup, pipe one section at a time.  Move on to another cookie for a few minutes to let the icing set.  Then come back to complete your next section!

Sketched Arrow_edited.png

Drying and Storage

When your masterpiece is complete, you have 2 choices:

- Eat them immediately! (my daughters' favorite!)

- Let them dry over night in a cool, dry place.  Leave them exposed to the air while they dry.

The next day the icing will be hard enough to stack into an air tight container.  They will last for up to 5 days at room temperature.  DO NOT place them in the refrigerator!  The condensation will erode your beautiful icing.  

Time to Show Off

I would LOVE to see your completed cookies!  Post your creations and tag me!

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